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Jo Kelly

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    Tell us a little about yourself

    My name is Jo. Kelly, I have been married to Dan for over 30 years and have 4 grown up children. I walk most day’s with two great friend who have keep me sane. I play tennis a couple of times a week and am a member of two tennis clubs. When I moved to Ireland from Wales 25 years ago I learnt how important friends are and am very lucky to have a wide and loyal group of them. I work as an S.N.A. which is a job I love, in a school I love.

    What do you look forward to most about being a Stylefish Stylist?

    I look forward to being given the chance to show woman that everyone is able to dress and look the best they can when they have a few tips in their bag.

    Describe your personal style

    I tend to wear understated clothes and dress them up with accessories. I like to buy items that are classic and would rather have, one well cut dress that costs a little more but will last a few seasons.

    Who are your top three most stylish women in the world?

    I am lucky to come from a family of very stylish women; my mum who is now in her eighty’s has always been a great dresser and my two sisters likewise, so I would have to say them.

    Where do you love to shop?

    We are very lucky in Dublin to have such a wide range of shops to choose from. I like department stores because you have concessions varying in price and look, from Irish designers to high street staples. Dunnes Stores is great with Gallery and Savida that have great wardrobe essentials.

    What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

    It’s a Mary Portas dress I bought from House of Fraser. I love it because it is cut beautifully, falls so well with luxurious fabric and I got it in the sale.

    Your best fashion tip?

    If you dress to suit your colour and shape you will feel more confident in the clothes you wear.

    Why is fashion so important to you?

    As I get older, fashion is less important but if I look good I feel more confident and this is important. When I had my children I lost a bit of who I was and it’s lovely to find me again.

    If you were given €100 to create an outfit, describe what you would do?

    I think I would update something in my wardrobe – I do own a lot of black so to update a dress would be easy. I love scarfs and have some lovely ones from Kate Ramsey of Fabulous Felts in Limerick or a piece of modern handmade jewellery of semiprecious stones from White Pebble, both have great web sites.

    When was the last time you went out in an outfit that you adored? Describe it!

    As mentioned earlier my Mary Portas dress is the favourite thing in my wardrobe, but a close second is another black dress, Fran and Jane this time which has one long sleeve and one short sleeve, it is ruched at the side and covers all my lumps and bumps. I wore it out for dinner a few weeks ago and felt great in it.

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  • Student Testimonial

    “I had a fantastic class with Jo. She is so informative and such a lovely person.” Paulette

    “I would just like to say I thought Jo was amazing. She was so relaxed in giving the class and you could really see how much knowledge she has in this area. I would not have examined clothes before in any detail but this has awoken an interest in me and with a little thought and being pointed in the right direction by Jo, I think I will find it easier and have more confidence when I am buying clothes. I could not believe how important colours are and the impact it can have on your face from being vibrant to looking like you had such a hard life!!! This has been so helpful to me, many thanks.” Olive

    “Jo gave an excellent presentation and I can tell you that we weren’t an easy class, but her professionalism was astounding even though she received many interruptions from us!” Jacqui

    “Jo’s class was superb. She is a real credit to you, Stylefish and your team. We had a wonderful night and I will be recommending it to everyone that I know, indeed I have already mentioned it to a number of people.” Joanne