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Caroline Mooney

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    Tell us a little about yourself

    I am married to Vinny, we have a little boy called Shéa and we live in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. I work part-time as the Office Manager in a very busy Life Assurance Company in Dublin City Centre. I have always had a love for Fashion and once I made that initial nervous phone call to Julie my journey with Stylefish began........

    What do you look forward to most about being a Stylefish Stylist?

    First and foremost to be a part of Stylefish and the Fashion Industry, as it were, is really exciting for me. Through my classes I hope to share all the knowledge, tips & passion that I have for fashion & to inspire each and every lady to not be afraid to try different things in their everyday looks in an inexpensive way.

    Describe your personal style

    My style is classic and timeless; most of the pieces in my wardrobe will not date. I love to accessorise and some would say I have an addiction to handbags and shoes! Colour also plays an important role in my wardrobe & I try to ensure I have some in every outfit I wear. Some of my friends and work colleagues have been known to say to me “have you got a whole new wardrobe recently” or “I never see you in the same outfit twice” – both of these are not true, my answer to them always goes something like this........that’s not the case, I’m just really good at mixing and matching the items that are in my wardrobe and bringing my outfit up to date with the key colour of the season in an accessory from Penneys (cheap as chips!).

    Who are your top three most stylish women in the world?

    Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo & Kate Middleton

    Where do you love to shop?

    In all shops that have a Sale on, but in particular, Zara, Mango, Fran & Jane, Karen Millen & Bastyan.

    What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

    This is tough for me to answer but at the moment a navy, long sleeved, round neck, midi-length pencil dress with side pockets. It really shows off my figure in the right places and is so comfortable to wear. I accessorise it with jewellery, a skinny waist belt, high heeled shoes & a nail polish (in different colours to change the look each time).

    Your best fashion tip?

    To always buy clothes that are lined.....they will always fit better! and accessorise, accessorise, accessorise (believe me; even a bright colour nail polish can make all the difference to an outfit!).

    Why is fashion so important to you?

    I feel more confident and good about myself when I’m dressed in an outfit that I love. I thrive on putting outfits together from the items in my wardrobe & am constantly mixing and matching to create different looks. I can honestly say that Fashion is what excites me on a daily basis.

    If you were given €100 to create an outfit, describe what you would do?

    One of two things (1) Buy a nicely fitted tailored dress and then check my already packed wardrobe of shoes & handbags to find ones that will match....... or (2) Buy a pencil skirt, a fitted peplum jacket that closes up to the neck (preferably with a stand up collar), worn with high heeled shoes...............timeless..........

    When was the last time you went out in an outfit that you adored? Describe it!

    The day I completed my Final Stylefish Assessment – I wore a Fran & Jane fuchsia coloured midi-length fitted pencil dress with slightly capped sleeves and a high stand-up neck. The reason I love this dress is that it also has a detachable waist peplum that you can also wear as a cape around your shoulders to create that 3rd unique look!! The best part of all is that I bought it in a sale for less than a 3rd of the original price (bargain!). I wore it with snakeskin shoes in fuchsia, coral, beige & navy. Loved it.........

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  • Student Testimonial

    “I just wanted to say personally thank you as I was so nervous about wedding dress shopping and all of your advice and tips worked out so well…..I went straight for the hourglass dresses and looked amazing in them, I have a waist! Without a doubt, it would have been a nerve wracking experience without your coaching.” Denise

    “I really enjoyed the Stylefish classes with you. As quite a larger lady I am conscious of my size and only really went to the session as a favour to Lyndsey not thinking I would get anything from it. How wrong was I!!!! Not once was my size mentioned, it is all to do with styling to suit your shape and not your size and could charts to set out your colour palette!! You didn’t tell me to throw things out of your Wardrobe, but gave ideas on how to style it to suit your shape and colour. In this day and age, when money is tight, it as fab to get ideas to use whatever clothes you already have in your wardrobe and not have to start from scratch. I realised that by dressing to suit my shape and not just my size, and using my colour pallette I can mix and match what is already in my wardrobe and buy some classic tailored pieces that will enhance what I already have!! You certainly opened my eyes Caroline so thank you so much for that. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and family. I think everyone should do a Stylefish session.” Siobhan