Top Characteristics of a Personal Shopper

Published on: February 17, 2016
Top Characteristics of a Personal Shopper, stylefish
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It is a career that offers a huge amount of fulfilment, fun and freedom! Becoming a Personal Shopper is a dream career for many women who love fashion. Getting to work with beautiful clothes every day, helping and inspiring others and working in an fast moving, energetic and stylish environments! What’s not to love? Whether you are interested to work in a retail environment or as a freelance Personal Shopper, while loving fashion and understanding body shapes are both a must, there are other key qualities that are required to succeed in this great career!

Personal Shoppers are Creative

Once the perceived client of a personal shopper were rich old ladies. Not anymore. Women everywhere can see the value now in getting help to pull their wardrobes together. Getting stuck in a style rut is something most women can relate too. A Personal Shopper must have creative abilities to help their clients break out of old routines! The personal styling process should be fun, experimental and should always offer the client something they wouldn’t have done themselves. What’s fashion if it’s not creative! This is a key characteristic of a great Personal Shopper.

Top Characteristics of a Personal Shopper, stylefish

Personal Shoppers Love Detail

Picking the right shapes and styles are essential but it is the little things that can make the biggest difference in pulling looks together and getting that real ‘wow’ factor your client is after. This can include things like contrasting accessories, unusual scarfs, hats, belts, bags and buckles! Also, paying attention to the variations in the way things can be worn. Tucking things in, trying them left out, layering, twisting, gathering, shortening and straightening are all words a great personal shopper will use. A lot!

Personal Shoppers Move Quickly

Consultations usually last a set amount of time and you want your client to get the most from that time. It can only come with practice but over time a great Personal Shopper will be a pro at being able to quickly assess their clients needs in terms of their body shape, their lifestyle, their personality and their budget. Once you know enough about your client, it is your job to move quickly and efficiently pulling items to bring to show your client. I think a great Personal Shopper will think of the bottom half first. If you pick a great pair of jeans/ trousers/ skirt and they work, you have a base to start creating looks!

Top Characteristics of a Personal Shopper, stylefish

Personal Shoppers are Patient and Kind

Personal Shoppers and Personal Stylists can get a bad rep for being all ‘high fashion’ and too inaccessible for the normal woman. If that is the case, this is the wrong personal shopper for you. A Personal Shopper should always make the client feel comfortable and at ease. So many women have lost their confidence in their style and that’s why they are looking for help. Taking the time to really get to know your client is not only a nice thing to do but essential in achieving a great result overall. Listening to what your client is telling you is also important. This also takes patience and kindness.

Personal Shoppers are Assertive

Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes you have to deliver that truth. A great Personal Shopper can deliver truthful, honest advice that encourages the client down a different path. A Personal Shopper must also be able to pace and lead the consultation. Time goes quickly and so it is important to keep things moving. If the items you brought to try are not working, move them out of the fitting room to make room for new items. A great Personal Shopper doesn’t dwell too long. There are too many gorgeous outfits to create!

Top Characteristics of a personal shopper, stylefish

Personal Shoppers are great at Building Rapport

Rapport is simply the quality of the relationship and respect between two people. It is built on trust and is vital in Personal Shopping. A great Personal Shopper will be aware of their clients body language, the little things they say that shows what’s important to them, their tone of voice and other subtle elements that helps to show your client they can trust you and that you understand them. From this position it is always much easier to encourage a client to go outside their comfort zone and to try more things out!


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