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Published on: September 8, 2015
Vote for the Stylefish Fashion Blog, blog awards 2015, stylefish, fashion blog
Finalist for ‘Best Company Fashion Blog’

Last week I learnt my little blog is in the final for the 2015 Blog Awards under the ‘Best Company Fashion Blog’.

Vote for the Stylefish Fashion Blog, blog awards 2015, stylefish, fashion blog

Without sounding like too much like Gwyneth Paltrow in her tearful Oscar speech, I am really really grateful to everyone who reads my blog. For me what is most special is the category I have been put in – ‘Best Company Fashion Blog’. I guess you could say I had struggled with defining my blog for a long while as my business grew (I started Stylefish in 2009). It started out as a general fashion blog but part of me always felt I was creating the blog as that’s what I should do. That taught me a valuable lesson. To have a great blog you have to blog about something that really makes you tick and for me that has always been growing a successful fashion business. I love fashion and I love business and I realised my blog gave me a way to really share and inspire through my own experiences, training & event jobs aswell as through fashion I love. My blog tells the entire story of everything that comes with running my fashion business. I’ve learnt that’s what really makes me happy and I’ve also learnt that’s what makes a great blog!

Vote for the Stylefish Fashion Blog!, Dragons Den Press Pic, stylefish


This post is very simply to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for reading anything I have written and shared on my fishfood fashion blog ever! I hope my mix of fashion, training, my own personal style and insights into my Diploma in Personal Styling courses makes you smile, inspires you to get into fashion and follow your dream or that you simply get to enjoy some nice fashion over a cuppa! When you work on your own, the people who want to be apart of your business in any small way are your tribe, they are the ones you keep writing and sharing for so thank you all.

To vote for ‘Fishfood’ in the ‘Best Company Fashion Blog’ at this years Blog Awards, click on the link below!


Thanks so much,

Julie x



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