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Published on: November 8, 2014
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Have you ever thought about working in the fashion industry but not sure whether to take the first step or what area might be right for you? What does it really take to make money working in fashion? Well, the first step to being successful is loving what you do! If you love fashion and think you have a good eye for style and you would like to find out more, I am happy to share my insights!

Read on to find out about fashion meet up!

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I get lots of enquires from people interested to find out more, to potentially take that leap but are scared and always have lots of ‘what ifs’! That’s perfectly normal! I had them too. In fact it would be weird not to have questions and not to wonder should you do it. Stylefish will be running our next 12 week evening Personal Stylist Training Course in Dublin for Spring 2015 starting on Wednesday evening Feb 4th.

So if you are considering something new for 2015, come along on December 1st and join the fashion chat! Ireland is coming out the other side of a tough few years and things in the industry continue to get brighter everyday! Somehow I have managed to grow my business despite the recession and I want to share my tips…

How does the fashion industry really work?

Is there a lot of pressure to look a certain way if you work in fashion?

What is the difference between a fashion stylist, personal shopper, editorial stylist, image consultant etc!

What will Stylefish training equip me to actually do?

Do you help me starting up and how do you know what to do first to get started?

What does the future of the fashion industry look like now we are coming out of recession?

What is the most important bits to being successful?

Let Stylefish help you if you would like to consider dipping your toe in to the wonderful world of fashion and helping others to develop a style they love!


WHEN? Monday December 1st 2014; 7-9pm

WHERE? 9 Herbert Street, Dublin 2

HOW DO I PUT MY NAME DOWN? Email julie@stylefish.ie

Julie x

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