What your skirt length says about you? My Personal stylists advise.

Published on: June 17, 2015

It’s an age old question personal stylists get asked. What length should I wear my skirt? With Summer upon us and legs everywhere crying to be shown the light of day, I was debating this very topic recently with a group of budding personal stylists in class and we decided to share our thoughts and opinions with you all!

Here are some harsh facts :-) and the truth about what your skirt length is secretly saying about you as debated in a personal stylist training course recently.

Fact. Many women have skirts in their wardrobes that end at unflattering lengths for them. It’s commonly because the skirt is made for someone with longer legs than they have (particularly for the short legged and petite) or because the skirt was bought at a time when that skirt was ‘on trend’ and you no longer get away with it as it is perhaps gone out of fashion.

Fact. Many women believe the longer the length, the longer your legs look. No, no, no, no no!

Fact. A lot of fabric (frills/ detailing) combined with a longer length will definitely make you appear shorter. Fact!



So what are your skirts saying behind your back?

For the young only – they say ‘I’m young rebellious and have great legs and I’m going to show them off while I have them!’ It’s not work appropriate, whatever your age. A mini also says you are a risk taker and not in a good way unless you are lucky enough to have legs up to your armpits like in this lovely picture here!




This is a great length if you have shorter legs proportionally as it gives the illusion of a longer leg (most calves are longer than thighs). This is work appropriate. It is the length personal stylists agree suits most women. It says you are confident but not showy, fashion aware but not a slave to fashion. Check it out in the image below.

What your skirt length says about you? Our Personal stylists advise - Midi


This means below the knee. It is great for longer legs but not so good for those of you who are petite or have shorter legs.  Especially if it stops on a wider point on your calf. If it sits below the knee cap, it may not be considered midi but it is definitely considered close enough and easier to pull off in our book! This length looks ladylike when worn with heels, it is definitely on trend at the moment but the older we get the more ageing it can be. We all agreed we like this look for girls in their 20’s, 30′ and in some cases 40’s.



Unless you are 6ft tall or really hip and happening (in which case you may be able to pull it off), avoid this length as it is right in the middle of frumpyland. It says one of 3 things about you! You either have an inability to deal with change (harsh we know) as these old skirts have been with you for a long time and you are not current or updated, you are old-fashioned or your 6ft tall or you love to wear mega high heels. Sorry :-(



This works in a more casual environment, or creative workplace, not great for the corporate world. Maxi skirts are definitely back in vogue and culotte style trousers are also all over the high street at the moment and can be mistaken for a maxi! This type of skirt says you are a relaxed lady and likes to combine comfort and fashion. It can be harder to get the ‘complete’ look right with this type of skirt. Less is more on top (in terms of print and fuss!). Let the skirt do the talking  or you will be in 1990’s boho territory and that is definitely not the best look.



We love this look. One straight line really catches the eye to that part of your leg (i.e where your skirt ends) and in many cases is the reason women buy skirts they don’t end up wearing. Something about being brave in the shop and not so much when you get home? A skirt that is longer at the back is a great way to fool the eye and means there is no harsh line created. It also means you get more coverage while still showing off some leg! This was the winner for my personal stylists, especially once the length at the front sits just above the knee! We also agreed this length shows fashion confidence, ease and quirkiness.

What your skirt length says about you? Our Personal stylists advise - Uneven length

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