Zip Yard staff embrace fashion stylist training

Published on: April 27, 2015
Fashion stylist training, zip yard embraces style training, pam quirke talking to group about style classes

Yesterday, I attended The Zip Yard’s annual conference in The Raddison Hotel in Limerick. Many of you will know I have been working closely with The Zip Yard over the last year. The Zip Yard is an alterations and restyling franchise with shops all around the country. Stylefish has been working with managers and staff on a fashion stylist training programme to equip staff and build their confidence in offering their customer the best  advice for the clothes they bring in to be restyled.

I have run a starter training session plus seasonal refreshers around the new season trends, the best of the new season to embrace with customers to ensure their wardrobes are bang on trend plus helping them to show women in their local communities just what their local Zip Yard can do to completely transform items from their wardrobe!

At yesterday’s conference I watched with beaming pride as Pamela, the shop manager from the Zip Yard in Nenagh talked to all Zip Yard franchisees about the styling & restyling talks she has been doing with women’s groups in Tipperary following her Stylefish style training.

Fashion stylist training, zip yard embraces style training, pam quirke talking to group about style classes

Fashion stylist training ,The zip yard embraces style training, pam quirke talking to other shops about her style talks

Pamela is inspiring, motivating, fashion mad and customer focused and is using her training to show women what the Zip Yard can do with clothes they never wear from their wardrobes and prove that The Zip Yard can offer much more than just zips and hems! She has been using a rail of her own clothes that she had restyled as inspiration and now added to the mix, her own wedding dress made for her wedding in Portugal two weeks ago!

Here are some tips Pam shared with other Zip Yard shops to help them promote their restyling service.

1. Believe in yourself. You have the knowledge so don’t be afraid to share your favourite style tips with women!

2. Create a rail of your own clothes that you have restyled and use these as inspiration for customers. Each of your own items will have a story (where and why you bought it, why you wanted to change it) and share these stories to inspire others.

3. Keep it real. Women want to be able to relate to the person who is advising them and so bringing yourself and your own body hang ups into it is really important.

4. Choose your favourite styling tips to share. Don’t feel you have to be perfect or you have to spend two hours talking. Choose the tips you feel you love and share these.

5. Work as a team. Everyone in your shop should have a part to play in helping the customer. From the moment the customer walks through the door to the moment she leaves plus at events outside your shop you want to make your customer realise how much you care about wanting her to feel great in the item she has had restyled.

Fashion stylist training, Zip Yard staff embrace style training, pamela quirke manager the zip yard nenagh


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